SDRplay RSP評価概要
SDR-Play RSP 評価件数: 40 平均評価: 4.6/5 推奨販売価格: $149
説明: RSP Radio Spectrum Processor は、新タイプのSDR受信機。
バンドカバレージ: 100khz - 2Ghz
詳細は: Http://


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DB2MJ 評価: 5/5 Jan 2, 2016 02:50
Excellent addition to my shack!  シャックにとっての新たな卓越した受信機 ! 所有期間: 3 - 6ヶ月
My main rig is an oldtime Kenwood TS830S. To add the niceties of modern times, I played with cheap 8bit dongles to get an pan adaptor for it. This wasn't too successful. After reading a lot about this inexpensive 12bit SDR with a frequency range from 100kHz to 2GHz I ordered one from England and was positively surprised. A few minutes after connecting the SDRPlay to the IF output of my TS830S I had an excellent pan adapter display using HDSDR as software. Much recommended!
私のメインリグは、古いTS830Sです。最新の機能を追加すべく、8bitのドングルをパンアダプターとして試していました。これは、あまりうまく行きませんでした。そこで、100kHz - 2GHzを網羅する安価な12bit受信機であるRSP SDR受信機に関する情報を読み漁った後、英国から1台購入し、良い意味で驚いています。TS830SのIF出力と接続わずか数分後、HDSDRを用いた素晴らしいパンアダプターが完成しました。多いに推薦致します。
Additionally, I checked the performance as a direct receiver on my ham antennas. Superb results on all ham bands and a SWL'ers dream... excellent price/performance ratio.
WZ2P 評価: 5/5 Jan 1, 2016 17:27
Excellent addition to my station  シャックにとっての新たな卓越した受信機 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
I've had the receiver for 2 months. I have used it primarily as a pan display for the TS590S. Connecting the SDRplay to the 590 is well documented on the Internet and pretty simple. This combination really enhances the already good performance of the 590 and brings me features found in much more expensive radios. Also the SDRplay can be used in sync with the 590 or as a completely separate receiver, which is a bonus. At $150.00 it's well worth the money. In my own research on the SDRplay, I was confused by how several reviewers claimed the performance wasn't to expectation for a device at this price point. That has not been my experience thus far.
AB4D 評価: 3/5 Dec 25, 2015 08:33
Just Average  平均的です 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
I recently set up an SDR Play in my station. In comparison, I have previously used HDSDR, and a RTL dongle/up-converter from Noo Elec. My test radio is a Yaesu FTDX-3000.
最近SDRplayをセットアップしました。以前は、HDSDRとNoo Elec製RTLドングルを使用していました。テストした無線機はFTDX-3000です。
I hoped that based on the significantly higher cost of the SDR Play. The performance would be much better, than the less costly dongle. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
My main use for these type of devices, is to add a panadapter and a IF tapped second SDR receiver to a traditional analog radio. In the case of the SDR Play, I did not see any significant performance difference between the SDR Play and a Noo Elec RTL dongle. Performance is similar as a pan and second receiver.
この様なデバイスの私のメインの用途は、パンアダプターとして使用することであり、伝統的なアナログ受信機のIFから信号を供給する2番目の受信機としてSDRを使用することです。SDRplayの場合は、Noo Elec RTLドングルとの差はわかりませんでした。パンアダプターや2番目の受信機としての性能は同等でした。
Setting up either device with HDSDR is about the same process. The only difference I noticed between the dongle and the SDR Play. The virtual S-meter with the SDR Play may be a bit more accurate/linear, and the receiver seems every so slightly brighter than the dongle. The only additional benefit, at least in the case of the FTDX-3000, no up-converter is necessary.
I attempted to use the SDR Play with another program, SDR Console. However, there were a lot of "Birdies" displayed on the pan adapter that seemed to be generated internally. When I changed bands from 80 meters to 40 meters, I couldn't decode the SSB signals on the band, regardless of the mode I tried. Then SDR Console began to lock up and crash. My resource monitor showed that SDR Console was using nearly most all of the system's resources in my older laptop computer running Windows 10. HDSDR seems better in that regard.
SDR-Consoleと使用しようとしましたが、内部で発生しているように思えるゴーストがパンアダプターで多く観察されました。80mから40mにバンドを切り替えた所、モードを幾ら切り替えてもSSBを復調することができませんでした。そうしているうちに、SDR-Consoleがフリーズし、クラッシュしてしまいました。Windows 10で動作している私の古いノートPCの殆どのシステムリソースを、SDR-Consoleは消費していたみたいです。この点、HDSDRのほうが軽いと思われます。
I believe, for the cost in relation to my application. The Noo Elec RTL dongle with TCXO is nearly as good of a device.
私の用途においては、TCXO付きNoo Elec RTLドングルでもほぼ同様な動作をしてくれます。
I will experiment with other applications and see if the SDR Play can become a viable addition to my station. However, as a second HF receiver and Pan, it really did not provide any additional performance benefits. An RTL Dongle is sufficient.
N0AH 評価: 4/5 Dec 6, 2015 21:20
Affordable SDR Technology  お手頃なSDR技術 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月

First, my hat is off to Brian at the Denver HRO for helping me get set up after purchase!! I have mastered the FM side- but there are two sides of the coin here- the SDRPlay huge in potential, and the associated software you can download for it that can drive you crazy- thus, effecting the potential- Also, SDRPlay website self install did not work well at all with Windows 8- But was a champ and an easy install with Windows 7 for me- What a great learning tool this will be for our RF curriculum at AB0BX STEM School and Academy- Using SRD Console- I tried contacting the SDRPlay via email with questions, but no response to issues after several days- I did join the SDR Console Yahoo user group, all FB ops! There are things in manuals just not covered- the user group is essential when learning about this SDR receiver - I'd give it a 5 with a better manual, and an easier time to use the SDRPlay self install-
最初に、デンバーのHROショップのBrian氏に感謝します。FMに関してはマスターしましたが、物事には裏表があります。SDRplayの多大な可能性に対して、選択可能なSDRソフトが色々あり、時には(設定が)多いに苦しめてくれます - そのソフトが可能性を実現してくれるのですが。又、SDRplayのwebサイトのセルフインストールは、Windows 8ではまったく動作しませんでした。しかし、Windows 7では、実に簡単にインストールできました。AB0BX STEM School & Academy におけるRFカリキュラム用の素晴らしい学習ツールになってくれるでしょう。SDR-Consoleの使用に関してemaildeSDRplay社に質問しましたが、何日経っても返事がなかったので、YahooのSDR-Consoleグループに参加しました。非常に良いグループです。マニュアルには書かれていないことが多くあり、このSDR受信機の関して学習する場合に、このグループは役にたちます。もっと良いマニュアルとセルフインストールに手間がかからなかったのであれば星5つにしていました。

K6TLA 評価: 5/5 Nov 23, 2015 15:39
It's neat!  素晴らしい! 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
I've had the SDRPLAY for about 3 weeks now and am very pleased. It works well with SDR#, HDSDR, SDR console etc. I'm using it with an old AMD based machine which is fast enough to talk to the box without any issues. For $149 SDRPLAY is highly recommended.
SWL2002 評価: 1/5 Nov 7, 2015 11:05
Not good  良くない 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
I thought I would give one of these a try and compare them against my other more expensive SDRs. The dynamic range and performance is not good at all. The comments a previous reviewer made about the AGC is spot on. The ADC used in these type of cheap SDRs just does not have enough dynamic range for serious work. I guess if you never tried a SDR you might be pleased with this, but when you experience the performance of a decent SDR, you will be disappointed that you did not put your $150 towards a better one. Overall, I don't recommend.
VE6DO 評価: 5/5 Nov 6, 2015 23:23
Amazing  驚きの受信機 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
Having not used an SDR before other than a FunCube I did not know what to really expect. However, once I got it .. it was amazing. The sensitivity beat (or tied) any other radio that I have. We tested it .. 0.05 uV across the band above 88 MHz except for the area where there used to be a gap. It was a respectable number there, though the exact number escapes me but no worse than my scanners. But on air band the only radio that matched the SDRPlay was my Icom IC-R7000 which we measured at 0.04uV. Pretty darn impressive. In real world testing it was up to the task. It was able to receive signals that my Uniden Homepatrol scanner would not even stop on. So this thing is great. However .. if you are expecting it to replace your scanner, no. It is not a scanner and does not pretend to be. It is great for searching the spectrum but if you want to scan a range of frequencies, (especially quickly) stick to your scanner. I really think it would be great on HF, but on VHF/UHF .. the software needs to be improved. But the hardware is great. The hardware for an SDR is only as good as the software, and lets face it, these things are best on HF or just snooping around in VHF/UHF. I am using SDR# ver 1361 *before the developer started crippling the software to not work with the SDRPlay.
FunCube以外にはSDRを使用したことがありませんでしたので、(このSDRに)どのようなことを期待したら良いかも予想できていませんでした。しかし、実際に購入してみると。。。驚きでした。私が所有している他のすべての無線機より感度が良かったのです。テストしたところ、以前受信できないギャップがあった周波数レンジを除く88MHz以上のバンド全体で0.05uVでありました。この周波数帯においてはかなりの数値です。正確な数値は忘れましたが、私が所有しているスキャナー達よりも悪くはありません。エアバンドにおいて、唯一SDRplayに匹敵したのは、IC-R7000であり、0.04uVでした。非常に印象的です。現実の世界で役割を果たしてくれます。Uniden Homepatrolスキャナーがスキャンをストップしない信号までも受信してくれます。この点は優れているのですが。しかし、スキャナーの完全な代替機としては期待しているのであれば、答えはノーです。SDRplayはスキャナーではありませんし、スキャナーの動作をしてくれることもありません。スペクトラムをサーチするのには有効ですが、ある特定の周波数帯域を(急速に)スキャンするのであれば、スキャナーを用いるべきです。個人的に、HFは良好に動作しますが、VHF/UHFに関しては、ソフトウェアを改良する必要があると思います。しかし、ハードウェアは素晴らしいです。SDRのハードウェアは、ソフトウェアと同等であること(ソフトが悪ければハードが如何に良くてもダメ)を理解する必要があります。HF帯ではベストでありますが、VHF/UHF帯ではコソコソ動き回れる程度です。私は、SDR# 1361 を使用しています、最近SDR#の開発者がSDRplayのサポートを廃止した為です。
KB9RZ 評価: 3/5 Nov 3, 2015 10:57
Not Good for SSB  SSBには良くない 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月

I've had an SDRPlay RSP for several days now. Using the HDSDR software and the drivers and DLL that SDRPlay recommends.
SDRplay RSPを購入して幾日か経ちました。HDSDRソフトとSDRplay推奨のドライバーとDLLを使用しています。
The audio and filtering are nice.
Notch filter work as expected are handily blank out offending signals, like guys tuning up in the middle of your passband. Multiple notches at a time are very effective.
Audio quality sounds very good on AM, FM, and SSB.
問題点: SSBにおけるAGC
In fairness, SDRPlay has a PDF on their website that describes how their AGC works compared to a conventional analog AGC.
Conventional AGC is adjustable with your RF Gain knob which raises the voltage level, quieting the receiver by rejecting weaker signals. This is very desirable when working strong stations and you want to reject all the weaker signals and noise "underneath", making a very quiet, FM-like experience.
SDRPlay's AGC does not work this way. They essentially just decrease the overall sensitivity of the receiver, which is fine for AM and FM, but not for SSB, as described in the previous paragraph. In short, their AGC is unacceptable for SSB reception. Very disappointing. This is something fixable in software, and I hope they do it. If they do, it will be well worth the $150.
I'll use the SDRPlay RSP for some things, but not SSB reception. I'll have to wait and see what the new ICOM-7300 does. If that's a dud, then I'll just get a Flex or a Yaesu 3000 and be done with it.
SDRplay RSPは、SSB受信以外の目的で使用する予定です。新機種のICOM-7300がどのようなものかわかまでには、待つ必要があります。それがダメであれば、FlexかYaesu 3000で手を打とうと思っています。

HAMMYGUY 評価: 3/5 Oct 25, 2015 17:13
OK but for a little more you can buy better performance  あと少しでもっと良い性能が買える 所有期間: 3 - 6ヶ月
After owning the SDRplay for several months I have had plenty of opportunity to compare it to the other small SDR receivers I own such as the FuncubeDonglePro, Afedri, SDR-IQ etc. The receiver is fairly easy to set up and most difficulty is with the software. I use SDRradio almost exclusively as I have found there is none easier and it handles a wide range of radios.
The SDRplay is definitely worth the money for being an inexpensive way to introduce people to the fascinating world of SDR. But don't expext it to be as good of a receiver as a full blown SDR transceiver such as the Anan or Flexradio series. Where it falls short in my experience is the sensitivity on higher HF bands. No amount of adjustment could seem to bring the signals up to compare to my FunCubeDonglePro or others. They seemed to be about 10-15db weaker. 20 meters and on down it was excellent.
There is a large center line spike that couldn't be eliminated. To the developers credit they were very responsive and offered suggestions on how to help eliminate it. No amount of adjustment would get rid of this spike. My other receivers have little or none. This was on other computers also, not just my main one. I realize that this could be an issue on my setup, but since the other receivers are OK, perhaps it might be something in the plugin supplied by the developer.
WA4NUN 評価: 5/5 Oct 23, 2015 18:03
Fun Radio for hams and SWLR's  ハムとSWLにとっての楽しいラジオ 所有期間: 0 - 3ヵ月
Purchased mine a few weeks ago thru HRO and only needed to purchase an SMA adapter to put it into my bank of Alpha Delta antenna console switches. I have used it with both SDR Console and HDSDR, each of which have some advantages over the other. This radio at $149 accomplishes a lot. For hams, it is a great introduction for those among us on the fence as to whether our next transceiver should be an SDR radio without breaking the bank. For SWLR's, they get a great radio to listen to almost all frequencies and mostly all modes and perhaps get the itch for a ham license as a result. Maybe a small learning curve on software, but no crazy sound ports or weird virtual com ports to give headaches on the attached computer. All of my computers are Windows 10 Pro and with the three I have loaded it on......simple piece of cake. As others mention, I am not going to put it up there with a Flex or many other higher end SDR radios, nor would I put it on an equal with the RX section of my Icom 7410, I rate it a 5 on bang for the bucks as I try to do in any review.
2-3週間前にHROから購入しました。SMAアダプターも一緒に購入して、Alpha Deltaアンテナコンソールに接続しています。どちらも一長一短ですが、SDR-ConsoleとHDSDRで使用しています。この149ドルの受信機は、色々な仕事をしてくれます。多大な予算をかけることなしに、次のトランシーバーをSDRにするかどうか迷っているハムの人々にとっては、良い入門機種といえましょう。SWLerにとっては、ほぼ全周波数、全モードを聴くことができる素晴らしいラジオであり、ハムライセンス取得の起爆剤になり得るかもしれません。ソフトウェアの学習曲線が急には上がらないかもしれませんが、コンピュータに接続するために、混乱甚だしいサウンドポートやバーチャルCOMポート等を使用する煩わしさがありません。私の所有しているPCは全てWindows 10であり、そのうちの3台にインストールしています。。。簡単に接続できました。他の方々が言われているように、Flexや他のハイエンドSDR機と同列視したり、IC-7410の受信部と同等などとは申しませんが、値打ち性から星5つの評価をしました。
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